Sunday, August 06, 2006

I Be The Judge

I be the Judge...
Or Imam at the Musabaqah Alquran, wearing that headphone to listen the quality of the songs from all of the contestants reciting the words of GOD.I gave each one of them different score-marks written on a piece of paper so that every contestants will be rewarded accordingly, up to the announcement for the most outstanding winner.I get my face shown on national TV with other Judges or Imams in the Judges Room and all of us will also get our rewards at the end of the show.
At another show called Forum Perdana, I am invited as one of the panel Judges or Imams to speak on every topic of life and religion.Sometimes a woman Judge or Imam sits among us and we get very emotional at times to show our feelings just like everyone else in the crowd.Some of the Judges or Imams get to be political Leaders as it is very prestige and priviledged positions, associated with high social status life.The women Judges even have equal opportunities like the men.
Maybe the American Idol reality show is just a franchise business copy based on our teaching system, with the panel of Judges acting out their scripts given by the producers.While the contestants are just used mainly for their marketing and sales promotions.
Some of the Judges or Imams make themselves very popular with unique teaching techniques to make the ummah come in flocks to give donations to their business of Children's Homes and Care Centres.
At times I felt like having guilty consciences, realising that I praised the Rajas, the country's ruling symbol, using praises that is only appropriate for GOD ie- 'Yang Maha Mulia' and 'Agung' until this present time.I might have even step over the Laws of Islam associating 'Yang di-Pertuan' with 'Agung' which only means to belittle or ridicule GOD !!!!!
It is also known that All Imams at the end of the last period of mankind civilization are only Bad Imams who only spread selfish, self-centred or even deadly idealisms, TAKSUB (Acts of Fanaticism to certain Imams eg. Shiites, Sunnah, Hezbollah and Hamas) and RIAK (too proud of ownself).This is also mentioned as one of the signs of Qiyamah, that is nearing.

What do you call that tiny hole...?
In a human body, dirty products called shits are removed out through the SHIT-HOLES.In this world, there is a pin-point spot in South-east Asia that is just like that, a place where its people popularly associate themselves with - everything RUBBISH; in their homes, workplaces, entertainment places and in their religion as well.
There is also another part of the world that has a place popularly known the City of The Wailing Walls where its people habitually addicted, imagining that they are always at war with their neighbours; fighting against imaginary armies, destroying anything that is built for goodness to rubbles.They are said to be given medicinal prescriptions by two EVIL Doctors with written phrases like Stars and Stripes and His Royal Majesty with a NEVER CURE medicine labelled UN !!!!!
This is a true, real life version based on the fictional story 'Frankenstein', where an EVIL doctor with his EVIL assistant create an EVIL monster into existence.
Serious, urgent actions must be taken immediately against these EVIL aggressors without any further delaying tactics to contain this madness by these Crazy People with its Crazy, Heartless Leaders who will only put blames at every other thing except themselves and that is to put them away in mad-suits and place them in an isolated place called ISREVIL so that they will NEVER, EVER make any troubles again.